Sprits are people who has passed away and haven’t crossed over as to unfinished business or doesn’t really know they are dead. And uses any kind of energy to energize or uses it to let them move something or making sounds.


Spirits where well known in our past as to 18th century, when this was first seen as ghostly black masks. People in that time thought they were cursed or hunted by their passed away family.

Later in that time period on person found out that this was just a normal spirit who tried to make contact with the living.

Although we now known of these spirits but in other cultures spirits are a common phenomenon like the Indians (or native Americans) who are still worshipping the spirits for many traditions as to a warrior or fighter from the old days to have a good fight and that his spirit will watch over him as the battle begins, but some of them also goes in some sort of trance to make contact with them.

In other parts of the world there are many of these rituals with spirits, but to us they are something of our way of life.

We do know that there are two spirits the good one, and the bad one.

Knight Rider voicebox and Speedometer for Android

Remembering this YouTube Preview Image it’s the KITT voicebox & speedometer for android mobile phone/tablets.

Unfortunately NBC Universal removed it from googleplay because its a infringement of copyright (still wondering about this) and yet there is no one else who made a new version from NBC.

but not to worry its still available on the net these days for all fans to download and it still works.

so enjoy!



Cosplay (formaly Knew as Tf-Confederation.com)

More info will be coming!

The Wormhole Experiance (coming Soon!)


As the title says this will soon be coming here on the spacestation-online as in the section of our own C.I.S. (Confidential Information Spacestation).

So what will we be handling in here, well its more on what our thoughts on this are or what might be possible, It’s also something to let the mind fantasize on this matter and discuss on it on what you might think it is or could be as a wormhole.

Also there might be something that scientist already known, but it is what we think of what a wormhole can be.

And on our forum you can talk with us when this article has been made.


Star Trek Online now 4 years alive!


It’s a Celebration worth it Star Trek Online is now 4 years alive and still being a big community of true fans of the franchise of star trek.

With its latest addition of episode the Dyson Sphere, you as toon (it’s what they called the character) will solve the missions whitin the Dyson Sphere and togheter with romulans, klingons (i will not tell the stories of these missions as i would then do spoilers). Also with the addition to two famous voice actors in game as to Tim Russ who is back as Tuvok and Micheal Dorn as Worf.