Cosplay (formaly Knew as

More info will be coming!

The Wormhole Experiance (coming Soon!)


As the title says this will soon be coming here on the spacestation-online as in the section of our own C.I.S. (Confidential Information Spacestation).

So what will we be handling in here, well its more on what our thoughts on this are or what might be possible, It’s also something to let the mind fantasize on this matter and discuss on it on what you might think it is or could be as a wormhole.

Also there might be something that scientist already known, but it is what we think of what a wormhole can be.

And on our forum you can talk with us when this article has been made.


Star Trek Online now 4 years alive!


It’s a Celebration worth it Star Trek Online is now 4 years alive and still being a big community of true fans of the franchise of star trek.

With its latest addition of episode the Dyson Sphere, you as toon (it’s what they called the character) will solve the missions whitin the Dyson Sphere and togheter with romulans, klingons (i will not tell the stories of these missions as i would then do spoilers). Also with the addition to two famous voice actors in game as to Tim Russ who is back as Tuvok and Micheal Dorn as Worf.